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Pomeranians Are Making Waves: Unexpected Smells

Beyond Fur: The Enigma of Pomeranian Odor


Nikki Nguyen


Pom-pom Personality


For what reason does my Pomeranian smell?

 Have a terrible smell?

Pomeranians are known for their fluffy coats, adorable faces, and spunky personalities. However, one aspect of owning a Pomeranian that may not be as endearing is their tendency to have a distinct smell. This can range from a fishy odor to bad breath and can be quite off-putting for both the dog and its owners. So, why do Pomeranians smell? Let's explore some of the reasons behind this issue.

1. Oily skin and coat

Pomeranians have a double coat, with a soft undercoat and a longer outer coat. This double coat is meant to protect them from harsh weather conditions, but it also means that they produce more oil than other breeds. This oil can build up on their skin and coat, leading to a distinct 'doggy' smell. Regular grooming, including brushing and bathing, can help to keep this oil under control and reduce the odor.

2. Skin infections

Pomeranians are prone to skin infections, especially in areas where their skin folds, such as around their ears and in their armpits. These infections can be caused by bacteria or yeast, and they can produce a foul odor. If your pomeranian has a fishy smell, it could be a sign of a skin infection. It's important to take your dog to the vet for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

3. Dental issues

Just like humans, Pomeranians need to have their teeth brushed regularly to prevent plaque and tartar buildup. If their dental hygiene is neglected, it can lead to bad breath, which can be quite pungent. In addition, dental issues such as gum disease and tooth decay can also cause a foul smell. It's important to brush your Pomeranian's teeth daily and take them for regular dental check-ups to maintain their oral health.

4. Anal gland problems

Pomeranians, like many small breeds, have a tendency to have problems with their anal glands. These are two small sacs located on either side of their anus that secrete a strong-smelling fluid. If these glands become blocked or infected, they can produce a fishy odor. Your Pomeranian may also scoot their bottom along the ground or lick their hind end excessively if they are experiencing anal gland issues. If you notice these behaviors, it's important to take them to the vet for treatment.

5. Diet and digestion

What your Pomeranian eats can also affect their odor. If they are eating a low-quality diet or one that doesn't agree with them, it can lead to gas and a foul smell. It's important to feed your pomeranian a high-quality diet that is appropriate for their age and size. If your If your dog has a sensitive stomach, you may need to experiment with different types of food to find one that works well for them.

In conclusion, Pomeranians may smell for a variety of reasons, including oily skin, skin infections, dental issues, anal gland problems, and diet-related issues. Regular grooming and proper dental care can help to keep the smell under control, but if you notice a persistent odor, it's important to take your Pomeranian to the vet for a check-up. By addressing the root cause of the smell, you can ensure that your Pomeranian continues to be the lovable, cuddly companion they are known to be.


For what reason does my Pomeranian smell or have a terrible smell?

It might appear to be confounding when a Pomeranian looks overall quite perfect, but has a horrible scent. You may not know where it's coming from; however,  it's sufficiently able to make you scrunch your nose and leave you scrambling to fix the strange scent.

It might appear to be more terrible on occasion, like in the wake of being outside in the downpour, which may apparently travel every which way haphazardly, or it could be a steady, persistent issue.

In any case, this part will cover the main 7 reasons that a Pomeranian might smell unpleasant, and precisely how to determine each one.

We'll likewise go over a few supportive tips to keep a Pom pup or canine smelling quite new constantly.

Reasons a Pomeranian Might Have a Horrendous Smell

The main 7 reasons a Pomeranian might have a terrible scent are:

1. Butt-centric organ spillage

2. Feces or pee on the coat

3. Cooperation of skin microorganisms on a wet coat

4. Skin yeast contamination

5. Ill-advised timing as well as washing procedures

6. Halitosis

7. Fart

Since a portion of these shock numerous proprietors, it's recommended to go through them individually to preclude all prospects. In this way, we should jump into the subtleties:

#1 Butt-centric Organ Hole or Breakage

What occurs: All canines have a couple of butt-centric organs, otherwise called butt-centric sacs or fragrance organs; one is situated on every inside edge of the butt-centric opening. These organs hold a unique fragrance oil.

A limited quantity of this liquid is delivered when canines welcome one another, and modest quantities are likewise regularly delivered when a canine has a defecation. Nonetheless, these organs can here and there stuff with oil; one reason for this is stools that are excessively delicate.

The liquid inside has quite possibly the most upsetting smell you can envision. It's incredibly overpowering.

In the event that the organs become overfilled, the extended skin can cause a considerable amount of irritation. This can make a canine hurry their backside along the ground, and this activity can make one or two organs break.

Assuming the butt-centric organs completely break, you'll know it. You'll see a dash of dim liquid on the ground, and it will smell more terrible than a skunk.

Nonetheless, on the off chance that the skin fosters a little tear, it may not appear to be self-evident; however, a modest quantity of this exceptionally stinky liquid is sufficient to make a whole Pomeranian smell very unpleasant. Furthermore, in instances of gradually releasing oil, this can get onto a pom's bed, the covering, and so on, making a 'haze' of smell that encompasses your canine.

What to do: You might have the option to see that the region looks enlarged and excited. Be that as it may, one way or another, assuming that you suspect this, it is ideal to have the veterinarian do an assessment. Now and again, the sacs should be flushed, and antitoxins (oral and additionally effective) might be given to avoid contamination.

The region will be sore for quite a while, and you'll have to be extremely cautious while giving showers. Never wipe it across with a washcloth, yet rather delicately pat it.

Avoidance: A few canines are inclined to issues with the butt-centric organs and have to have them regularly communicated. Both the vet and experienced custodians can deal with this assignment.

Assuming that you suspect that delicate stools are a reason, it can assist with adding 1 teaspoon of 100 percent genuine pumpkin to a Pom's everyday eating routine (blended into a dinner). On the off chance that that doesn't achieve an adequate number of stools, 2 teaspoons can be given.

#2 Dung and additionally, Pee on the Body

What occurs: When a Pomeranian has a defecation, little bits of dung can become stuck on the fine hairs around the rear-end. This is very normal since the hairs there can be generally lengthy in the event that they are not managed. Simply a little piece of defecation can smell very horrible, and the development of small bits can be much more terrible.

At the point when a Pomeranian pees, pee can sprinkle up onto the coat. This is valid for the two guys and females. The amount that splatters up will depend on the power of the pee stream and the kind of surface that it is saved on. For any coat other than white, the pee may not be self-evident. Until it's washed away, it can smell absolutely terrible.

What to do and avoid:

• On the off chance that your Pom is inclined to pieces of excrement adhering to the coat, and this is because stools are excessively delicate, adding a teaspoon of 100 percent unadulterated pumpkin to a day-to-day dinner can assist with firming the stools up.

• Assuming that this is because of long hairs around the buttocks, these can be managed. This is really an extremely normal preparation demand; nonetheless, do pick your custodian carefully.

 We can't count the times that a proprietor requested a straightforward shave or trim to keep things clean, but the custodian went wild, shaving a portion of the coat off.

On the off chance that your pom endures preparing systems with you, utilizing a timer like the oneisall Dog Clippers for Grooming can permit you to do this from the comfort of your home. Begin with the 3/8" clasp, and afterward go down to the 1/4" if necessary.

• You can likewise utilize an exceptional wipe like Petkin's Tushie Wipes to clean the region after defecations.

• For stinky pee splattering issues, you can utilize that equivalent kind of tushie wipe, or a prepping wipe like Earthbath All Regular Mango Tango Preparing Wipes.

Note that these mango-tango ones are magnificent for giving off a new, clean scent. In any case, their standard hypoallergenic ones, or their extraordinary ones for pups are likewise phenomenal for consistently cleaning down the coat to keep allergens off a Pomeranian that has sensitivities, and to keep a Pom in the middle between showers.

#3 Wet Coat

What occurs: The skin on all canines normally holds a specific number of microorganisms (yeast and microscopic organisms) that can deliver very stinky mixtures; just sit back and relax, more often than not, they are at typical levels. There is typically enough of a Pomeranian smell that is unpleasant.

Notwithstanding, the real number can differ every once in a while, and when the coat gets wet (and especially if the quantity of yeast or potentially microorganisms is a piece high), the water can dislodge these microorganisms enough that you'll begin to smell them.

This is most generally obvious after a Pomeranian has gotten doused by the downpour since there is no pleasant-smelling cleanser to assist with countering this.

However, this can likewise occur after a shower. Because of yeast on the skin, a Pomeranian might smell after a shower in light of the fact that the aroma of the cleanser might take care of the scent briefly; after the scent wore off, the smell of the microorganisms became perceptible.

What to do:

In the event that you accept that your Pom might have a genuine yeast disease (signs incorporate an exceptionally smelly fragrance consistently, not when wet, as well as sleek skin), see reason

#4, next.

However, on the off chance that this isn't thought of, and the smell just happens after a pom gets wet, see beneath.

For smelling in the wake of being in the downpour:

• Attempt to keep away from verdant regions while it's pouring; however, this is hard assuming you're taking your pom out for restroom needs.

• Try not to allow your Pomeranian to get soaked by the downpour. Most Poms could do without this in any event; being outside on blustery days can impede housebreaking and day-to-day workouts.

You can utilize a pet raincoat; proprietors of huge canines are seldom content with these clever developments; yet for toy canines, one like the  Dog Raincoat Hooded Slicker Poncho 

 can work perfectly.

Or, on the other hand, you put a charming yet useful overcoat on your pom. The Ellie Canine Wear Flash Up Canine Overcoat is one of a handful that comes in sizes extra-small to fit small poms. Furthermore, this has a movable drawstring, a removable hoodie, is totally waterproof, and has a little opening for the rope to interface with your pom's bridle.

• In the event that you're not utilizing a raincoat or a waterproof shell and your pom gets wet outside, you can dry the coat with a blow dryer set on low. Spritzing with some leave-in coat shower can help (more ahead under 'Keeping a Pom Smelling Decent). Note that assuming that the coat smells after this, it will be an ideal opportunity to focus on a skin yeast disease as a potential reason (next).

On the off chance that your pom smells subsequent to getting wet from a shower:

• On the off chance that you are utilizing a substandard canine cleanser, it could be some unacceptable pH balance or potentially not have the right fixings to clean appropriately. It'll be an ideal opportunity to rethink what you're using. Earthbath's whole line is incredible; at the same time, in the event that your Pom will in general smell, their Mediterranean Enchantment Deodorizing Cleanser is an extraordinary decision.

• At the point when you give your Pomeranian a shower, you really must arrive at where it counts through the twofold thick coat and arrive at the skin. Utilize a spout to wet the coat down. Make certain to continue separating the coat and rubbing the roots all around the body. Utilize a spout to wash whenever you are finished.

Note that in the event that the coat smells after this, it is likewise an explanation shift focus over to a skin yeast contamination as a potential reason (next).

shield pomeranian-coat-from-getting-wet

#4 Yeast Disease

What occurs: As we examined a piece before, there is generally a specific measure of microorganisms on the skin; this incorporates yeast, organisms, and microbes. While these are typically at a level that leads to no issues, at times they can fill in numbers.

At the point when this occurs, it is alluded to as a 'contamination'. A yeast or parasitic disease can make a Pomeranian smell very horrible.

The trigger for this isn't generally known; nonetheless, it is regularly found in breeds with skin folds (like the pug), may happen all the more frequently in the late spring, might be connected to a brought-down safe framework, appears to show up more with canines that have sensitivities, and is seen close by specific medical issues, including Cushing's illness.


Different signs: There are, in many cases, different side effects too; notwithstanding, in the early phases, a terrible stench might be the most recognizable one. Left neglected, there is in many cases additionally slick skin, a sleek-looking coat, and tingling. There may likewise be skin bruises, a thickening of the skin, as well as dull spots on the skin.

Skin yeast diseases ordinarily have an extremely strong, smelly sort of smell. This might be likened to stinky, wet socks or moth balls.

What to do: There are two methods for treating this: a natural cleanser or a cured cleanser. How about we check these decisions out?

A natural

For this, we energetically suggest Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiparasitic & Antiseborrheic Medicated Dog Shampoo

 Organics Hostile to Bacterial Cleanser with Tea Tree Oil and Neem Oil; these normal mixtures can be extremely compelling in treating this, as well as growths and bacterial contaminations.

You will need to utilize this at regular intervals, permitting it to stay on the coat for 10 minutes. In the event that you don't see improvement after fourteen days, it will be an ideal opportunity to step things up with a cured cleanser or see a veterinarian.

A cured cleanser to battle yeast might be required for certain Poms. This is a decent decision in the event that your pomeranian has not shown a background marked by having excessively delicate skin, has disliked yeast before, in the event that natural shampoos have not demonstrated to help, as well as in the event that the yeast contamination is seething at an extreme level.

A con to this kind of cleanser is that, on the off chance that a Pomeranian doesn't have a yeast disease and is foul because of another explanation, the fixings in this can cause skin disturbance.

To attempt a sedated cleanser, we suggest Curaseb's Antifungal and Antibacterial Cleanser for Canines; this has both chlorhexidine and ketoconazole, which are the two most broadly utilized fixings to battle yeast and growth with canines, has added aloe vera, has a decent cucumber-melon scent, is made in the USA, and even has a no-question ensure.

This is ordinarily utilized like clockwork, and it is vital to foam up your pom and permit it to drench for an entire 10 minutes. In the event that you don't see improvement after fourteen days, it will be an ideal opportunity to see the veterinarian.

It will be an ideal opportunity to see the vet on the off chance that your Pomeranian doesn't answer the cleanser. At times, canines should be given oral anti-parasite prescriptions. Your vet can likewise preclude basic areas of strength for or repeating yeast diseases.

#5: Showers: Timing and Strategy

What occurs: In the event that you don't give your Pomeranian showers all the time in light of the fact that your canine doesn't look filthy, yet there's a puzzling stinky smell, this may be in light of the fact that showers were for sure required.

Showers are not simply to eliminate apparent trash and soil. They are expected to wash away aggregated body oils. Normal body oils are delivered nonstop. These assist in keeping the skin saturated. However, under that thick twofold coat, they don't vanish; they simply continue to amass.

At pretty much the multi-week point, there will be enough that, on the off chance that they are not washed away as expected, a pom will begin to smell.

Alongside this is the issue that regardless of whether showers are allowed, like clockwork, on the off chance that the right items are not utilized as well as on the off chance that you are not shampooing down to the skin, those oils won't be totally purged away.

What to do:

• Give your pom a shower like clockwork, paying little heed to how clean your canine might look.

• Utilize prevalent items. Modest fixings and, additionally, off-base pH equilibrium can be equivalent to flushing the coat down with water, and that's it. Also, since water and oil don't blend, those body oils will remain. The other gamble of utilizing mediocre items is that it can influence skin and coat wellbeing (frequently causing issues with drying, which can prompt tingling).

For cleanser, we energetically suggest Earthbath Cleanser and Conditioner. There's such countless incredible decisions, including aloe and cereal to forestall dry skin, a doggy recipe, tea tree oil for skin issues, eucalyptus and peppermint to mitigate bothered skin, and, surprisingly, an equation to assist with eliminating stains from light-shaded coats.

Make certain to follow with an incredible conditioner; Earthbath's Aloe and Cereal Conditioner coordinates pleasantly with any of their shampoos.

• Scrub down the skin. Take as much time as necessary when you wash your pomeranian. Frequently, the kitchen sink will permit you a preferable washing point over a bath, and numerous people think that it is less frightening.

Utilize the spout to wet your pom. At the point when you apply the cleanser, continue to part the coat with your fingers and back-rub the skin. Utilize the spout again to flush away the item completely.

#6: Halitosis (awful breath)

What's occurring: While it's generally obvious that a pom's breath is stinky and it's not such a secret where the terrible scent is coming from, this is such a typical issue that it must be referenced here. We do, in any case, have a full article in regards to Pomeranian terrible breath issues that covers generally potential causes and cures.

To sum up, toy breeds like the Pomeranian are especially inclined to dental issues. A nonstop plaque is being created. It's a reasonable, stinky substance that sticks to teeth. A simple development of plaque can be very malodorous.

Yet, it deteriorates. In as little as 3 days, it can begin to solidify into tartar, which is a lot harder to eliminate. These substances destroy a canine's teeth. This can occur above, right along, or underneath the gum line.

When that begins, there can be diseases that have their own horrendous smell. Rot and contamination are excruciating. What's more, this can prompt contamination in the sinuses, possible tooth misfortune, as well as full-body sepsis, which is a perilous condition.

What to do:

• Have the veterinarian do a full assessment. On the off chance that there is contamination or a thick development of tartar, this should be expertly treated.

• Keep great dental hygiene for your little dog or canine.

Clean your pom's teeth ordinarily with a successful canine glue and an appropriately estimated canine toothbrush. With the Pomeranian being a little canine, you might find that a brush intended for pups like the one found inside the Nylabone Progressed Oral Consideration Triple Activity Doggy Dental Unit functions admirably regardless of your pom's age.

In the event that your pom won't endure brushings, until you move gradually up to doing that, utilize a splash like Nylabone Progressed Oral Consideration Canine Dental Shower.

What's more, consistently give an everyday dental treat to assist with battling plaque and tartar. as well as make a new life for Greenies Teenies. Note that on the grounds that these sorts of treats are difficult (to clean the teeth), it's prescribed to administer your Pom while he's biting on this.

#7 Fart

What occurs: gas, flatulates, honking, farting... regardless of the word that is utilized, unimaginably stinky vapor can emerge from even a small Pomeranian. Assuming that a pom has a constant gas issue, a terrible, eye-watering smell can appear to chase after the canine and even pervade his bedding.The primary driver of extreme gas with canines is a change in diet, eating excessively quickly, and eating specific food sources, for example, soybeans, beans, broccoli, oats, grain, beet mash, a lot of protein (meat), and high-fat food sources, for example, those that might be given as table pieces. Canines that have wheat responsiveness might have loads of gas (and different issues) with a canine food that contains wheat or grains.

There are likewise some medical issues that have unreasonable side effects. This incorporates yet isn't restricted to exocrine pancreatic deficiency (EPI), gastrointestinal contaminations, digestive parasites, pancreatitis, provocative inside illness, and sensitivities.

What to do:

• Assuming you suspect any kind of medical problem, don't postpone taking your Pom to the vet. Different signs incorporated yet are not restricted to runny stools, the runs, stressing to push out a defecation, froth or blood in the stools, enlarged mid-region, changes in craving, unexplained weight reduction, laziness, spewing, or potentially fever.

• Ensure your Pomeranian eats adequately and slowly. While Poms may not eat a great deal, it's all family members. In this way, observe how quickly your pup or canine eats. You can support more slow eating by taking care of more regular (yet more modest) feasts as well as offering a portion of a serving prior to considering the following half.

While it's difficult to come by a sluggish feeder bowl that is small enough for exceptionally minuscule Poms (other than plastic ones, which ought to be kept away from), assuming your Pomeranian is close to the 10-pound mark, a bowl like the DuraPet Slow-Feed Premium Tempered Steel Bowl can help.

• Investigate the fixings in your Pomeranian's fundamental food and tidbits; in the event that they contain any of the gas-prompting fixings, it could be the ideal opportunity for a change. One of our top suggested food sources is Wellbeing Center Normal Sans grain for Little Varieties.

This 100 percent healthy food has no wheat, corn, soy, results, synthetic additives, or fake seasoning. It additionally has glucosamine and chondroitin for joint wellbeing and extraordinary degrees of omega-3 unsaturated fats. It is made in the USA. Note that this is great for any grown-up Pom 2-pounds and up.

Methods for Keeping a Pomeranian Smelling Decent

Keeping a Pomeranian clean and smelling new includes significantly more than whatever occurs during a shower. Since showers ought to be allowed like clockwork, there should be some finality in the middle between.You will find that these everyday or week-after-week prepping errands are likewise useful to assist with different issues, from eliminating allergens from the coat to preventing dry skin.

1) Spritz the coat consistently. A decent leave-in is perfect for some reasons. It forestalls split ends, safeguards from contact erosion, makes an obstruction from dry air and sun openness, keeps the coat saturated, forestalls mats, and indeed, keeps a canine smelling sweet.

Be certain not to utilize a lot since you don't maintain that it should develop; a light clouding over the body is everything necessary. You can spritz your pom and run your fingers through the coat for a fast final detail, but since this breed should be brushed consistently, spritz and brush something like 3 times each week. For poms that are inclined to tangle,  everyday brushing might be required.

A truly extraordinary-smelling spritz is Nootie Everyday Spritz; this arrives in a range of super-magnificent scents, including Warm Vanilla Treat, Japanese Cherry Bloom, Sweet Pea and Vanilla, Cucumber Melon, and Coconut Lime.

2) Go through prepping wipes for contact. As we covered before, these are perfect to clear off pieces of defecation and sprinkles of pee. However, these likewise swipe off open-air allergens and can assist with keeping a pom smelling perfect and new. The mango tango ones smell great.

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